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Every THURS 6:30pm & 7:30pm classes from FEB 26th - MAR 30th will be cancelled due to the OPEN workouts! Every THURS CrossFit class moving forward will have a 3:30, 4:30, & 5:30 class moving foward until the end of MARCH! Please remember to log into your site and enter your scores for the OPEN.
Foam Roller, PVC, and Squat Therapy stretching with focus on hips & legs.
250m Row
GROUP: Junk Yard Dog
Jumping over partners arms.  Also, jumping over him and under his bridge.
10 MIN and today you have options: 6 Burpee or 12 Sit-ups + 4 WB (20,14)
GROUP: 10,000 lbs (Time)
Back Squat weight to equal 10,000 lbs after adding the weight of all your squats. Athlete chooses the weight for the workout.
Warm up to your working weight after you determine the number of reps it will take you to hit 10k.
30 Strict Pull Ups in sets of 3 MAX. **No more than 3 REPS together!  If you can't strict move to jumping strict pull ups, or banded but still strict and no more than 3 REPS together.
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