CrossFit Lvl 1 / Lvl 2 Coach
CrossFit Weightlifting Certified
USAW L1 Certified Sports Performance Coach

Hi! I’m Lawrence Jacobs, also known as Lorenzo, Zo, and LJ! I’ve always been active and heavily into sports. I’m originally from Gainesville, FL where we proudly cheer for all Gators sports teams. I grew up playing football and wrestling in high school. I’ve never had a time in my life without sports and/or fitness. After high school and some college, I got into power lifting at your basic gyms such as Bally’s and LA Fitness and gained some significant muscle mass. I started running in 2006 with a friend of mine who talked me into running the Chicago Marathon with him in 2008 and 2009. Long distance running was great but I lost most of the muscle mass I spent so many years trying to gain. I decided to quit running and just kept active by playing in as many full-contact-flag football leagues I could find and was captain of the Windy City Gators flag football team which won first place two years in a row at the SEC flag football tournament in Chicago. I also competed nationally in flag football in Orlando Fl.

Looking for something new, I got into crossfit when a box opened up near my home. I was instantly hooked! I have enjoyed crossfit and the changes it has made in my body, diet, and overall fitness, and also enjoyed witnessing others’ transformation. Thus, I decided to take the CF-Level1 course and make a career out of something I am very passionate about. I enjoy meeting new people, coaching people, and sharing in others’ success. Many consider Crossfit “The Sport of Fitness,” and I’d agree adding it’s the best sport of all!

I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your best physical self through a lifetime of working hard, eating right, and also having fun.