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We’ve got the perfect classes for you no matter your current experience or fitness goals. We’ve raised the bar for functional training with four unique classes that all deliver an amazing workout — PR60, PR45, PRBURN, & PR30. No matter if you’re looking for the most intense workout in the world or you’re just interested in getting a great sweat in for 30 minutes…we’ve got you.

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Our 60 minute class. PR60 is high intensity training at its finest. Workouts combine a variety of functional movements – everything from cardio and gymnastics to power lifting and Olympic lifting. Every day brings something new, so get ready to get after it! ​
**CFPR Prep Course Required


Our 45 minute class. PR45 builds your base and gets you strong. Workouts always include strength & skill training followed by an interval workout. Learn, lift, and sweat!
​**CFPR Prep Course Required


Our PR CONDITIONING class is exactly that! Red lining heart rate workouts with movements and skills combined to keep you going for short bursts of time but long workouts in duration. Workouts combine station work with DB’s, KB’s, and some sort of bodyweight movements.
**No CFPR Prep Course Required


Our 30 minute class. PR30 is fast paced and fun. Workouts combine simple bodyweight, gymnastics, and light lifting movements for a high-energy workout. Short, sweet, and super sweaty! ​
**No CFPR Prep Course Required

CFPR Prep Course

CFPR Prep Course is a 3-session foundation course scheduled at your convenience with one of our expert coaches. Each session is an hour long and involves skill development and a workout. You and the coach will review movement, discuss our style of training, tackle specific questions, and set you up for success!


CrossFit Kids is a method of teaching CrossFit to children preschool to teens. Based on the principle of Mechanics => Consistency => Intensity, CrossFit Kids emphasizes good movement throughout childhood and adolescence. Consistently good mechanics translates to physical literacy, enhanced sports performance, and fewer sports injuries for kids. Not only that, a vast body of research indicates that exercise is beneficial to cognitive function, which means that consistent adherence to the program can have a positive impact on children’s academic achievement.

CrossFit Kids is meant to be BIG fun for all ages. Broad-Inclusive-General fun. Fun means we provide an active alternative to sedentary pursuits, which means less childhood obesity and all-around better health for our children. Further, the needs of second graders and high school varsity wrestlers differ by degree and not kind; the program is scalable for any age or experience level and accounts for the varied maturation status one can find in a class full of kids. CrossFit Kids is designed to engage kids through full body movements in a fun environment which will instill in them a lifetime of love for physical activity.

Accuracy, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Endurance, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Strength and Stamina. These are not only important to elite athletes but also important to the elderly and our young alike.


“Weightlifting” as opposed to “weight lifting” or “weight-training,” refers to the Olympic sport, which includes the “clean and jerk” and the “snatch.” Weightlifting, as it is often referred to, develops strength (especially in the hips), speed, and power like no other training modality. It is little known that successful weightlifting requires substantial flexibility. Olympic weightlifters are as flexible as any athletes.

The benefits of weightlifting do not end with strength, speed, power, and flexibility. The clean and jerk and the snatch both develop coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance and to no small degree. Both of these lifts are as nuanced and challenging as any movement in all of sport. Moderate competency in the Olympic lifts confers added prowess to any sport.

The Olympic lifts are based on the deadlift, clean, squat, and jerk. These movements are the starting point for any serious weight-training program. In fact they should serve as the core of your resistance training throughout your life.

Why the deadlift, clean, squat, and jerk? Because these movements elicit a profound neuroendocrine response. That is, they alter you hormonally and neurologically. The changes that occur through these movements are essential to athletic development. Most of the development that occurs as a result of exercise is systemic and a direct result of hormonal and neurological changes.

Curls, lateral raises, leg extensions, leg curls, flyes, and other bodybuilding movements have no place in a serious strength and conditioning program primarily because they have a blunted neuroendocrine response. A distinctive feature of these relatively worthless movements is that they have no functional analog in everyday life and they work only one joint at a time. Compare this to the deadlift, clean, squat, and jerk which are functional and multi-joint movements.

Start your weightlifting career with the deadlift, clean, squat, and jerk then introduce the “clean and jerk” and snatch.


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