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Hi there!

I'm Desiree Jacobs, wife of LJ, nurse, dancer, animal lover, crossfitter. I've only been doing crossfit for about one year but it was love at first WOD. The original appeal to me was the short timed workouts, the competitiveness, and the variety. Like LJ, I also have always been active in some way. I danced for 9 years in grammar school and began lifting weights with some male friends in 2002. I moved to Chicago from FL in 2007 and kept a gym membership with Bally's, then followed my husband and ran my first and last marathon in 2011.


I became bored with running as I did with the regular gym atmosphere. I did nothing for almost 1 year until LJ bribed me to join him at our local crossfit box. Now, you couldn't pay me to do anything else and crossfit is as much a part of my life as my daily 7-5. Being a nurse, I enjoy helping people. Even before I was certified, I would find myself coaching and helping others in the gym so that they could improve and achieve the results they were looking for.


Crossfit has improved my physique and my fitness in ways I've always wanted yet was never able to achieve. I can't wait for you to see what joining the crossfit community can do for you! I'll see you on Saturday!





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