Boot camp or as we like to call it here, BootFit is a great way to increase your overall strength and cardiovascular endurance. Lose weight and burn tons of calories through functional fitness in a fun group environment.  BootFit is Constantly varied, Functional movements performed in “Medium-Hihg Intensity” VS. CrossFit which is performed in “high intensity” in a shorter amount of time. BootFit does not involve the technical aspect of weight lifting such as barbell cleans and snatches which you see in crossfit.   Boo it at CFPR is unique in that boot campers will have access to all the equipment a full gym/ CrossFit has such as bikes, rowers as well as all other equipment which other boot camp programs just don’t have access to.



One hour classes, working majority of that time Access to: rowers, bikes, boxes, steppers, rings, pull up bars, dumbbells , kettlebells, half bosu ball, plyo bands, medicine balls,  jump ropes , tires, sleds, outdoor/indoor work  etc.


Body Fat testing before enrollment and every 3 months thereafter.




This may change depending on class attendance, member requests and other factors.


Monday, Wed and Friday:  5:00AM, 6:00AM, 9:00AM and 5:30PM

Tuesday, Thursday:  6:00AM, 9:00AM, 5:30PM and 6:30PM

Saturday, Sunday: 7:30AM, 8:30AM

Yoga: Alternating Friday 7:30PM and Sunday 9:30AM.



BOOTFIT PRICING: BootFit is month to month after an initial 3 month agreement.

General Membership:

$145/ month Unlimited BootFit , Yoga and All Open gym times.


College Student:

$130/month Unlimited BootFit, Yoga and All Open Gym times.


High School Students:

$120/month Unlimited BootFit, CF, Yoga and All Open Gym times



Valid for six months from date of purchase.

10 session cards: $200.





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CrossFit PR Waiver Download


CrossFit PR Online Waiver


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CrossFit PR is a CrossFit affiliated training center catering to the NW side of Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Our goal is to take your body and mind to a state of fitness that you would have never thought possible. We do this via a community of individuals who all have one thing in common: the overall betterment of themselves.


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